Youth & Family Services (YFS) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving children and their families since 1965. YFS has grown to become one of the largest, most comprehensive youth development programs in western South Dakota, serving more than 14,000 children and families each year. These services encompass nine cohesive programs that offer education, meals and snacks, health advocacy and support, counseling services, fatherhood and parent enrichment education, and prevention programs. Of all the youth served by YFS programs, approximately:

  • 85% live in poverty and qualify for some form of assistance
  • 75% live in single-parent or foster homes
  • 25% have parents who did not complete high school
  • 32% are of a racial minority (primarily American Indian). This number jumps to 50% in the Rapid City area.

YFS is currently in the middle of their East Adams Building Expansion Project, which will add 67,525 sq. ft. of indoor program space and 32,794 sq. ft. of playground/outdoor learning space. This expansion will allow YFS to increase the depth of their current services and add new programming to meet unmet needs within our community. A few key issues YFS is focusing on include:

  • Increasing opportunities for infant/toddler care
  • Creating high quality programming for middle school-aged children
  • Providing safe and flourishing outdoor learning spaces
  • Expanding father-focused programming
  • Increasing prevention education for adolescents, specifically about methamphetamine and alcohol use
  • Improving economic stability and mobility
  • Supporting the development of healthy relationships

YFS programs rely heavily on the generous contributions from individuals and organizations throughout the community. They are also searching for volunteers to assist with special events and projects. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please visit their website at or call (605) 342-4195.