Please bring the following with you:

______         1.     All copies of W-2s, 1099s and K-1 forms.

______         2.     If you are self-employed, the amount of medical insurance premiums you
paid during the year, as well as an itemized listing of gross income and
expenses for the business.

______         3.     Name, address, and social security number (or tax ID#) of persons to whom
child care expenses were paid, including tax-exempt businesses.

______         4.     1099 Forms reporting all stock sales during 2014, as well as broker’s
statements showing purchase date and cost information.

______         5.     1099 Forms reporting money taken out of retirement plans, unemployment
compensation, & social security benefits received.

_______       6.     Date and amount of each estimated tax payments made.

_______       7.     Social security numbers and birth dates of all dependents (if not previously
supplied). Also, provide birth dates for yourself and spouse.  Please note,
due to electronic filing this year, nicknames are not accepted by the IRS.  If
you are married, but have not changed your name on your social security
card, please let us know.

_______       8.     Did you contribute to IRA, Roth IRA, or self-employed retirement plan? Did
you do a Roth conversion from a Traditional IRA or other plan?

_______       9.     If you or your spouse and dependents have incurred higher education tuition
expenses, please bring Forms 1099T and supporting information provided
by education institutions.

_______     10.     If you are a teacher, how much did you spend on unreimbursed classroom

_______     11.     Did you pay sales tax on major purchases such as auto, boat, etc, even
sales tax on materials if you constructed a personal residence? If so bring in

_______     12.     A voided check for electronic filing purposes if you are to receive a refund. –
                            Verify that your bank #’s have not changed.                                        

_______     13.     Did you pay any education loan interest on 2014?  If so, bring in supporting

_______     14.     Did you make any energy improvements to your residence?  If so bring in
receipts- Subject to $500.00 Lifetime Credit Limit

_______     15.     Did you and your dependents have health insurance for all 12 months of
2014?  If not, who was covered and for what months? If so, bring in
supporting documents.

_______     16.     Any other documents you feel may be needed or you have questions about.

_______     17.     List itemized deductions (not applicable if you use the standard deduction.)

Examples as follows:

a.  Medical expenses not reimbursed by insurance

b.  Medical insurance premiums (after tax if through employer),
including long-term care insurance premiums.

c.  Property taxes on residence and any other real estate.

d.  Interest on residence (bring all annual lender statements and
1098 forms).

e.  Contributions — cash and noncash (bring in receipts for any cash
contributions of $250 or more).

f.  Employee business expenses

g.  Did you refinance your home or other property?  If so, we need
a copy of your closing statement.

h.  Any other expenses you feel may be deductible

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