It’s that time of year again, fall recruitment!  While we will miss seeing everyone on campus, we are looking forward to all the virtual career fairs we will be attending.  In many ways the virtual career fair will mirror those of the traditional in-person events. You’ll still want to do your research on the companies, follow-up with those you are most interested in, and apply via your school’s website for any open positions.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when attending a virtual career fair.

  1. Test Your Technology.  If you can, test your technology beforehand.  You want to make sure you don’t miss-out on the event.  Log into the system and make sure you understand how it all works.
  2. Dress Professionally.  Even though you won’t be in person you’ll still want to dress like you are.  It’s a great first impression and can give you the confidence you’ll need to stand out.
  3. Find a Quiet Spot.  Eliminating distractions and extra background noise is key.  It’ll keep you focused, and you won’t stand out for the wrong reasons. 
  4. Have a Neutral Background.  Ensure what is behind you is appropriate.  Pick a blank wall or at least remove some of the clutter from behind you.  You want the recruiter to be focus on you and not what’s behind you.
  5. Arrive on Time.  Don’t show up late to a group session or your individual sessions.  If you aren’t going to make it reach out to the recruiter beforehand to reschedule.
  6. Stay Focused.  Staying focused on a virtual career fair can be tough.  To help maintain focus remove distractions, shut off any notifications on your computer/phone that might distract you, and take notes in order to stay engaged.
  7. Ask Questions.  There will be opportunities to ask questions.  It may seem odd doing this virtually but ask anyway.  The recruiters will remember those who spoke up.