Do you know the various project types offered by the Business Valuation Team at Ketel Thorstenson, LLP?

Traditionally, the Team has offered business appraisals for various industries and various purposes including gift, estate, marital dissolution, buying and selling, shareholder dissolution, etc.  However, the Team is so much more than the traditional business appraisal!  We also offer the following:

  • Fractional Interest Discounts– When real estate is owned equally by two or three partners, no one partner has unilateral control to force the liquidation of such property. Consequently, we calculate a reasonable discount to apply to such fractional interest.
  • Damage Calculations– We calculate damages of lost revenues for businesses who have had business interruption due to fire, flood, etc. We also calculate the loss of future earnings and lack of household responsibility support due to wrongful death or injury.
  • Life Estate Calculations– Sometimes an individual will sell his/her property to someone (oftentimes an adult child) but retain the right to live or use the property until his/her death. This is referred to as a life estate.  The value of the life estate is often needed for insurance or Medicaid purposes. As such, we provide calculations of the estate value.
  • Start-Up Business Investor Packets– Founders of start-up businesses contact us to assist them in projecting financial statements not only for their own use but also to provide to potential investors in such businesses. We also assist with creating a well-organized packet for investors to digest to fully understand all aspects of the project. We work closely with local attorneys for the necessary legal documents.
  • Buy-Sell/Operating Agreement Assistance– We work with clients and their attorneys to ensure the language is appropriate from a business valuation analyst’s perspective in both creation and revision of such agreements.
  • Expert Witness Testimony/Trial Consultation- Whether an attorney needs someone to testify as an expert witness in business valuation matters or simply someone to consult for trial preparation, we fill the need. With our knowledge and experience, we assist attorneys in writing and reviewing expert witness direct and cross examination. Moreover, we assist attorneys and clients with settlement negotiations and opposing expert report review.
  • Fraud Examination– Nina Braun is an Audit Partner at KTLLP. She is also a CPA and a certified fraud examiner (CFE) who has assisted many clients and attorneys with examining financial records for fraud, or lack thereof.

With more than 40 combined years of experience in Business Valuation and wide array of services offered, we are here to serve your needs.  Call today to see how we can help you.