On June 9, 2022, the IRS announced that they would make a mid-year mileage rate change to combat the much higher-than-normal gas prices. If you qualify for mileage deductions, this could help you trim your 2022 tax bill.

From July 1 through December 31 of 2022, the standard mileage rate for business travel will increase from $0.585 per mile driven for business to $0.625 per mile.

The rate will also increase for active-duty military members who use their vehicles for medical or moving purposes. The mileage rate is $0.18 per mile for the first half of 2022, while the rate will increase to $0.22 per mile for the second half of 2022.

If you’re self-employed and use your car for business travel, you can get a tax deduction for the business use of your vehicle. The standard mileage rate has less record keeping which makes it more straightforward.

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