How to Choose a CPA?

A CPA, Certified Public Accountant, is a licensed professional that can help you with tax planning, estate and gift planning, retirement planning and other accounting issues. To be a licensed CPA you have to have a college degree, pass the CPA exam and meet specific experience requirements.  There is also a strict code of conduct to follow.  When choosing a CPA, you should look for professionals that are licensed with a state board and a member of the AICPA a trade organization for CPA’s.

Why Tax Refund Delays?

In an attempt  to curb fraudulent filed tax returns, the IRS has slowed down how quickly returns will be issued. If you have a credit on your return, related to education, child or earned income credit, there is a chance those refunds will be held until the middle or end of February. This year the IRS sped up the requirement for all W-2s and 1099s to be filed by the end of January. This is in an attempt to match them up prior to issuing returns. That is the reason for the delay.

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