Estate Planning

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How to Plan Ahead for the 2026 Estate Tax Changes

The current federal estate and gift tax exemption is $12.92 million per person and $25.84 million per married couple for 2023. This means that you can transfer this amount of wealth to your heirs or beneficiaries without paying any federal estate or gift tax. However, this generous exemption is set…

December 8, 2023

Estate Tax Exemption to Sunset

We’re all familiar with the age-old saying that only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. It’s safe to say that for most, discussing either topic isn’t exactly a delightful dinner conversation with your family. However, when these two inevitabilities in life intersect, the result can be financially…

October 9, 2023

Possible Estate Tax Changes

President Biden proposed a new tax plan called the American Families Plan. It includes many provisions and tax consequences. Below outlines the provisions of the plan relating specifically to estate returns. Be sure to catch Carrie Christensen’s article covering the other provisions in the tax plan that may cost you…

June 28, 2021

Digital Estate Planning: Are You Ready?

Do you have a digital footprint? If so, what provisions have you made in your estate documents for the recovery and use after you are no longer here?  Our world is becoming more and more based on our electronic use.  We can access accounts and handle transactions electronically with our…

January 14, 2019