On October 21, 2013, the City of Rapid City has approved a Stormwater Drainage Utility Ordinance.  This is not considered a tax, which is why nonprofits are not exempt from the charge like they are from property taxes.  This charge is considered a fee, similar to garbage or sewer fees, but is billed annually versus monthly.  Nonprofits can submit an application for abatement; however it will not necessarily be approved because an entity is a nonprofit.

The fee is calculated based on the size of the property and type of land use as follows:

Lot Size (square feet) x Runoff Weighting Factor (Table 1) x 00040 (unit charge) = $Annual Fee

The City has posted information about the ordinance, how to calculate your fee, and abatement requests application at https://www.rcgov.org/Public-Works/stormwater-drainage-utility.html.