It’s been a really challenging time to adjust to our new normal work routines with COVID-19. Numerous employees in our nation are working from home, including some of our KT employees. I am a work-from home-rookie, but I thought I would provide a couple tips and tricks that we have shared with our team during this crazy time.

 If you have never used Zoom or Microsoft Teams, make sure you download one of them. These are video conferencing and instant messaging platforms. Plus Zoom is free for all users! Google is your friend, if you’re wondering how to share screens, video chat or virtually anything, there is a video that will walk you through how to use each program. These are critical tools to ensure you can still collaborate with co-workers. Also, a little human interaction never hurts. I like to have a morning meeting with my team to set up expectations on what we are hoping to accomplish during the day. I also encourage check-ins throughout the day, where we share screens and discuss any challenges.

Over communication is the key, it keeps everyone on the same page. Even if it’s a 5-minute team meeting, it keeps everyone connected. We are all learning how to work in this new environment, so an extra check in never hurts. COVID-19 has shown that a lot of meetings could be emails, which does not hurt my feelings!

No printer? No problem! If you have Adobe DC PDF software, now is the time to explore all of its cool features. Did you know you can highlight, write text, use stamps, search text in PDF and much more. For example, bank statements that you would normally print and use your highlighter for marking cleared transactions, can now all be done within Adobe! Plus, you don’t have to scan the bank statement in electronically as it would be electronic already. Take advantage of the signature stamp feature to ensure that internal controls over bank statements are documented – sorry for the internal control plug! This is a challenging time, but I think we will come out of it with new developed skill set and knowledge on how to leverage new and different tools.

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