Beginning April 10, 2020, entities within various facets of the healthcare industry (medical, dental, behavioral health, nursing homes, etc.) and certain governmental entities began receiving Provider Relief Funds (PRF).  These funds were electronically deposited and, depending on when received, have specific reporting requirements to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  The reporting portal had its long-awaited opening on July 1, 2021. Any entities that received an aggregate of more than $10,000 in any “payment received period” (see table below) must report within the defined reporting periods to HHS.  Please utilize the table below for specifics on dates received vs. reporting periods.  The portal is requiring specifics to be reported regarding how the funds were spent, methodologies used, etc.  A lack of reporting within the portal could lead to the PRF funds needing to be returned to HHS.

Depending on which PRF funds were received, as well as how they were spent, the complexity of reporting changes accordingly and Ketel Thorstenson is here to help.  We can assist by working with you and your team to obtain the proper information needed to report, as well as entering information into the portal.