When you meet with your tax professional to help you prepare your income tax return, the process will go smoothly if you organize your paperwork beforehand.

At Ketel Thorstenson LLP, we work with a wide variety of clients from all over the Black Hills, western South Dakota and western North Dakota. Sometimes taxes are complex: business expenses, estimated tax payments cost-basis investment calculations, depreciated assets and several 1099 forms. For other clients, it is much simpler: W-2s, mortgage interest, medical expenses and other deductions.

We have a fairly complete list of things to bring. These are a few:

  • All copies of W-2s, 1099s and K-1 forms.
  • The names, addresses and social security numbers of people to whom you paid child care expenses.
  • Social security numbers and birth dates of all dependents — if we don’t already have them on file. Also, birth dates for yourself and spouse. (If you forget your spouse’s birthday, there are non-tax reasons to find it, and fast.)
  • A voided check for electronic filing if you are to receive a refund.
  • Any 1099 Forms for stock sales or money taken out of retirement plans, unemployment compensation or social security benefits.

For the complete, downloadable checklist, click here.