Konvalin, Jennifer

Jennifer L. Konvalin


Partner Tax Department

Support Team
  • Mitzi Slayton (605) 721-0225

Jennifer is a bit of a perfectionist and always strives to have things right when her clients leave the office. She works hard to be there for her clients, get to know them and understand their lives better, because that helps in consulting with them about their financial information and the best tax deductions they can get. She is honest and takes responsibility for her actions. Jennifer is a client advocate and believes in working for clients to pay as little tax as legally possible, while keeping the firm and her clients out of orange jumpsuits. She cares about people. The clients and staff are what bring her back every day to do this job – working with the clients to help answer their questions, put them at ease in their dealings with taxes and the IRS, consulting on being a business owner and running a business to the best of their ability to make it successful for both the owner and their employees. Jennifer believes in being kind and helpful to others.

Jennifer has been with Ketel Thorstenson since August 2006, and was a partner at a firm in Southern Idaho for eight years before moving to South Dakota to be closer to family. Her experience includes a lot of previous work in the agriculture industry as Southern Idaho is full of dairy farms, and potato and sugar beet fields. She also works with a lot of clients in the medical industry and is growing her expertise in the hospitality and construction areas.

Her work consists mainly of business and individual returns, and she has also done some litigation support in the past, including testifying in court on behalf of a client. Jennifer was the partner in charge of Accounting Services for many years, has worked as a practice administrator for medical facilities in Rapid City, and served as interim CFO for a company during an internal CFO transition.


  • BS in Accounting – Montana State University

Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • South Dakota CPA Society


Jennifer lives every day for the best possible experience and childhood for her three children. Being there for all of their activities or sporting events is what she works hard to accomplish – being a good and supportive mom. From baseball fields to soccer fields, to softball fields, golf courses, dance recitals, basketball courts and plays or piano recitals, her kids keep her very busy. Her goal in life for them is to experience many different things so they can identify what they want to be passionate about in their lives, and to become honest, caring, and responsible humans in life. 

Jennifer loves to play volleyball and even went to college to play volleyball. She has also played basketball and softball at various stages of her life. She likes to read, go to movies (although sometimes it might be more about popcorn), read or watch/listen to True Crime stories and travel to warm, sunny places with beaches. Jennifer loves good Mexican food (having grown up in Texas), a good steak, and salad. She also tries to take a nice family vacation each year so her kids can have those memories and experiences for the rest of their lives.

When she was younger, Jennifer wanted to be a forensic psychologist for the FBI. She does love accounting, but her family would tell you she might have missed her calling by not continuing with her childhood dreams. They think they are funny, but Jennifer knows she is still helping people every day.

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