Braun, Nina
We work hard at KT to translate our vision, and our clients' vision, into reality.

Nina Braun


CEO, Partner Tax Department

Support Team
  • Dayna Reffner (605) 718-3571

Nina approaches issues head-on and loves the challenge of a difficult or complex project. Working with a team to see an issue from a new angle or producing a creative solution to a complex client problem gets her out of bed.

Nina started her career in auditing but has transitioned to the tax team. Nina has a passion for helping mid-market businesses find their way through complicated tax codes. She works closely with several contractors to guide their tax planning and transitions. Nina currently works with the internal team and Executive Committee of the firm to improve its processes and support its professionals.


  • BS in Finance – Georgetown University
  • Masters in Accounting – University of Southern California

Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    • Advisory Board
  • SD CEO


Outside of work, Nina is working on her tennis game. She and her husband get to devote their free time to listening to their kids’ band concerts and rooting for them on the basketball or tennis courts. Her favorite hobby is hosting dinner parties, which her family of introverts has learned to live with.

“What do I have to learn?” – Ted Lasso

Nina does not love movies and TV, but she loves Ted Lasso. His leadership resonates with her and like Ted, she tries to ask herself often what she can learn or improve upon.

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