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Our audit experts are dedicated to learning your organization’s financial standing, identifying problems, and providing innovative and timely financial solutions.

Once complete, KT’s Audit team will present strategies and practices to help your organization achieve its goals and stay fiscally sound, so you can focus on your clients.

KT provides audit services for commercial entities, governmental organizations, tribal groups, nonprofit organizations, and other specialized niche industries. With our wealth of experience, KT’s Audit team reports are accurate and useful in refining transactions and operational procedures. While many firms can conduct audits, relatively few go beyond the audit process to benefit you. During a KT audit, we go beyond the numbers. Our audit team takes a consultative approach by seeking out ways to help you improve the operational and financial practices of your organization.

How KT Can Help


Financial statement audits provide a client or entity with our auditor’s professional opinion of the financial reporting. This service includes Internal Control Evaluation.


Reviews are used to assure clients or entities that the financial statements presented are in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework. This service provides limited assurance and is less extensive than an audit.


If you require compilation services, we will assist you in presenting your information in the form of financial statements. This service does not offer any assurance or attest to the level of accuracy within the information presented.

Agreed Upon Procedures

We tailor our procedures and perform specific steps. This cost-effective option results in a report detailing each step performed and any deviations noted.

Need Expert Insight?

Please provide information on your operations and finances, and a current financial statement. We will take a look to see how KT can best serve you and your organization.

Audit Leadership

Traci Hanson

Traci is the service line leader for the audit department at Ketel Thorstenson. As leader, Traci assists in directing the audit department to provide quality attest services meeting client needs while providing audit staff an enjoyable work environment.