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Advisory/Valuation Services

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KT’s advisors can assist businesses and organizations with consultation in business valuation, estate planning, litigation support, ACA compliance, and strategic management decisions.

Our services are directed towards creating better business operations, strengthening management-employee relationships, and effective planning for business and estate transitions. Above all else, KT’s Advisors offer expert guidance derived from a qualified background of education and experience. Their purpose is to offer internal changes that will enhance value, strengthen relationships, develop programs, and plan for the future.

How KT Can Help

Business Valuation & Financial Projections

KT offers a variety of business valuation services for business owners, legal professionals, and/or divorcing individuals. These services revolve around the buying/selling of a business or business interest, gift and estate tax planning, marital dissolution, business litigation, arbitration proceedings, and shareholder disputes.

Our services in this area can come in many different forms, all tailored to fit your specific needs. In addition to valuation, KT consultants are experienced in writing and reviewing business plans and developing financial projections. Our experts can also assist in assessing financing alternatives, determining replacement values, and establishing financial stability.

Estate Planning

When preparing for your future, your family’s future, or the future of your business, seek out the experts that will go the extra mile for you. KT’s experienced estate planning CPAs work closely with attorneys, appraisers, insurance agents, investment brokers, etc. to implement your estate planning strategies and fulfill your goals.

KT’s estate planning process focuses on protecting your loved ones, reducing the estate tax burden, providing liquidity in your estate, ensuring competent asset management, and directing the disposition of your assets according to your wishes.

Litigation Support

The KT Litigation Support Team, with CPAs, Certified Valuation Analysts and Certified Fraud Examiners, stays current on industry developments and relevant available methods. Our team of experts have proven experience in investigating and communicating findings of their work in a clear, concise, and understandable manner. Our Certified Fraud Examiners can assess fraud risks faced by your organization, recommend anti-fraud internal controls, conduct interviews, and provide assistance with financial dispute resolution.

Our experts are skilled at preparing counsel and providing support to attorneys through document management and preparation of trial exhibits. They use forensic accounting skills, valuation expertise, financial modeling expertise, and litigation support experience to apply to damage calculations. Our experts also have experience testifying and are familiar with the rigor that is required to withstand cross examination.

ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted to increase the quality and affordability of health insurance and lower the uninsured rate by expanding coverage. The Act itself includes many mandates, subsidies, and insurance exchanges that work toward this goal of increasing affordability and coverage. Provisions in the ACA pose a number of challenges for U.S. businesses and organizations who offer health insurance as an employee benefit. With many different areas now affected by these provisions, the ACA has created a whole new employee healthcare environment.

KT has designated a specialized team of CPAs and accounting professionals to facilitate understanding and guide action when it comes to adapting to changes in the American healthcare system. A thorough understanding of the details behind healthcare reform can help you lower premium costs to your business and increase employee access to care.

Management / Human Resources

Our management and human resource advisory services are directed towards creating better business operations and strengthening management-employee relationships.

KT’s management advisors provide information and expert guidance on internal changes that will enhance operations, such as strategic planning or the implementation of new technology. Management advisory is about developing strategies to enhance the overall value of your business from within. This service includes: Buy-Sell Agreement Advisory, Partnership/Corporate Formation, and Strategic Planning.

Fine-tune your HR practices for maximum results. KT’s HR advisors cover a broad range of topics related to the management of your staff, faculty, workforce, etc. Our HR advisors can assist with pinpointing specific problem areas, capitalizing on certain opportunities, and introducing best practices. Services include: Recruitment/Hiring Strategies, Employee Management, Reward & Incentive Programs, Health & Benefits, Monitoring Employee Behavior & Satisfaction, and Retirement Procedures. 

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Advisory/Valuation Leadership

Paul Thorstenson

Paul’s greatest work “joy” is helping clients with successful business transactions, ownership transitions, and planning for their future. He also loves helping family businesses succeed through multiple generations. A family business is the greatest blessing and Paul was blessed with KT.