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The experts at KT specialize in the agriculture, construction, hospitality, non-profit, and government industries.

We also have teams and individuals who focus on estate and gift planning, medical, gaming, manufacturing, real estate, financial institutions, employee benefit plans, and rural electric cooperatives, just to name a few. Or as we like to say, “If it’s happening in the Black Hills region, we have someone who can help you!”

How KT Can Help


Whether you’re looking to grow, aiming to keep the business in the family, or tackling complex tax issues, KT’s Ag Team is available to assist you every step of the way.


Business owners and independent contractors seeking advice on everything from income taxes to financing and bonding will find answers with our specialized Construction team.


KT serves as a trusted advisor to the hospitality industry, including entities such as hotels/motels, resorts, campgrounds, attractions, restaurants, fast food establishments, and more. 


The KT Non-Profit team will work with your 501(c) organization to make the best use of available resources, grow your support services, keep you financially viable, and provide accountability.


Our financial experts can analyze, review, and organize your entity’s financial standing for regulatory oversight. At the end of the day, our goal is to ease financial reporting challenges so you can focus on running your government.

Estate & Gift Planning

Whether you’re looking to secure your family legacy, or need tax strategies to maximize the gifting of your assets, KT’s experienced team of tax professionals can help you plan for the future you want.


Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and associated health care entities turn to KT to understand the financial accounting and statement complexities of the healthcare industry.

Gaming & Tribal Casinos

We offer our clients well-defined and concrete guidance on the latest in industry developments, covering areas such as jackpot liabilities, loyalty and incentive programs, guarantees, and tribal gaming entities.

Mfg & Retail

KT has a number of manufacturing and retail professionals specialized to assist clients with strategic solutions in the areas that are the most important to them and most profitable to their business.

Real Estate

KT’s Real Estate Team stays on top of the industry’s accounting and auditing concerns, so that our clients can stay on top of a fast-paced market and provide a better service to their own clients.

Financial Institutions

Our team of experts have extensive experience with savings, loans, credit unions, and banks. They attend annual internal and external training sessions to stay well-informed of ever-changing accounting and regulatory requirements.

Employee Benefit Plans

KT’s team will help design, review, and improve the various components of your employee benefit plans, keeping governmental compliance as the primary target.

Professional Services

Our firm has many years of experience in providing tax, audit, accounting, and consulting services to a number of niche industries, including engineering, law, and insurance.

Rural Electric Coops

KT’s specialized accounting team supports the collective mission of not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives to provide safe, dependable, and affordable electric service.

Need Help from an Industry Expert?

Provide KT with all your pertinent business information. We’ll take a look to see how KT can best serve you.