Are you frustrated searching for numbers in QuickBooks? We all are and the QuickBooks development team listened. We have all had that transaction we are looking for and all we can remember is it was something like a thousand dollars (or you fill in the blank on your own search). Now you can go into QuickBooks and set criteria to search from $950 to $2000 and it will bring up all the transactions with dollar amounts in that range.

How about when you are searching for Kevin and you can’t remember his last name or even if you made him a vendor or a customer? You now can search for Kevin and it will find the first few letters in each word of the whole name no matter if you have QuickBooks sort by last name or maybe you have numbers in front of his name as a customer reference. You will still have to search the vendors, clients, and other name separately but it should speed up the process, so you do not have to scroll through every list to try and find Kevin.

Have you ever wished that when you were looking at a credit card transaction in QuickBooks you would be able to instantly tell if the transaction had cleared or not? Well in the 2017 update, that option is possible. All cleared credit card transactions will now have the words “Cleared” stamped on them just like the checks or debits have been for years.

Another great improvement added to this edition is the reminder that there are deposits to record. It is so easy to record payments received to the specific customer and then to forget to make the “deposit” in QuickBooks. A lot of times this is due to individuals only going to the bank once a week but recording payments daily. Now QuickBooks has a reminder right on the home screen that shows that there are deposits to be made! Just as a reminder, your deposits in QuickBooks should always match the bank deposit. This makes reconciling the bank account so much easier.

These are just a few of the many features that have been added or improved upon in this new version of QuickBooks. If you would like to go over the new features further please call Ketel Thorstenson and ask to speak to one of their QuickBooks ProAdvisors today! We would be happy to help.