I am Kyle Kopren a manager at KT and a member of KT’s Non-Profit Term. My specializations include: retail/manufacturing, nonprofits, financial institutions and construction. Throughout the year I get to experience a wide variety of different industries.

I enjoy working on larger more complicated jobs as it is fun to understand the organization’s operations. I like my job because I get to see multiple client’s operations throughout the year.

I grew up on a ranch in northwest South Dakota near Bison, where I still enjoy going back to and helping family out. I graduated from a large class of eight students from Bison High School. For post-secondary education I received a double major in business administration and accounting at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. After four years in North Dakota, I wanted to come home to South Dakota so Ketel Thorstenson was a perfect fit. Outside of KT, I am a member of my church’s finance committee and a member of the professional development committee for the South Dakota CPA Society. When I am not working you can find me at the golf course losing golf balls, fishing or in my garage doing woodworking projects. I find all three hobbies frustrating and rewarding at times. Most off all, I enjoy the outdoors which makes living in the Black Hills the right match.