If you:

  • Just don’t get that accounting stuff.
  • Want to be more mobile with your business.
  • Looking for a quick and easy way to record your payments both in and out.
  • Have a business primarily run out of what is in your bank account(s) but you don’t know how to record all of that “stuff.”
  • Are one of those businesses interested at looking for a different option for doing your daily bookkeeping.

We may have a solution for you.

There are several options for your bookkeeping needs and we would like to introduce you to a software called XERO.

There are many advantages to this software. You no longer have to figure out how to “reconcile your bank statement”.  You don’t have to set aside time to record your checks.  Applying payments from your customers is quick and easy.  You don’t miss recording a payment, a check, a deposit, or possibly a fee.  Creating an invoice is an easy process, integrating from your Point of Sale system, and tracking time for billing are all things that can be done quickly and easily and ends up in this accounting software.

Most of these actions can be processed with just a point and click. Another valuable feature is this is a cloud based or internet based software, meaning you can take care of this part of your business from wherever you may be.  We all know that time is money and the time this saves can be significant.  It makes this part of your business less stressful so that you can focus on what is more important to you, like making money.

If you think Xero sounds like it might be an option for you, Ketel Thorstenson has one of the first Xero certified advisors in Western South Dakota. Call today if you would like to discuss this accounting software further.