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In the Black Hills region, the housing market is hot, and homes are often listed and sold quickly.

The KT Real Estate Team stays on top of the industry’s accounting and auditing concerns, so that our clients can stay on top of a fast-paced market and provide better service to their clients.

The real estate world involves many different qualities and considerations unique to the industry, such as the recording of asset impairments and issues related to cost or market value. Real estate transactions themselves involve a number of different accounting and auditing standards and issues that KT’s team will help you understand.

How KT Can Help

Accounting for Real Estate Acquisition & Development

Impairment of Real Estate Assets

Rental Operations

Tax Accounting for Developers & Home Builders

Real Estate Sales & Profit Recognition

Real Estate Fair Value Accounting

Audit Strategies & Techniques for Real Estate Activities

1031 Like Kind Exchanges

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When it comes to the accounting issues that realtors and homebuilders face, KT is the key.