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KT’s Government accounting team works diligently to provide quality services that help cities, school districts, and tribal entities respond and adapt to challenges.

At the end of the day, our goal is to ease financial reporting challenges so you can focus on running your entity. We understand governmental entities need a partner that is proactive in communication when solving financial issues and that knows the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

Governmental entities, such as municipalities, school systems, special districts, and tribal organizations, are constantly working against a unique set of obstacles, including making difficult decisions in balancing their budgets, properly maintaining infrastructure and public services, and working through ever-changing accounting standards and increasing federal and state regulations.

As a member of the Government Audit Quality Center, KT provides timely updates regarding auditing standards and regulations affecting governmental agencies. KT’s Government accounting team also regularly attend trainings to stay abreast of changes that directly affect government operations.

How KT Can Help

Independent Audit Preparation Assistance

Audit, Reviews & Compilations

Financial Statement Preparation

Compliance (Single) Audits

Need KT Services?

KT’s Government accounting team can help your entity prepare for an audit, meet the needs of your constituency groups, and work through the ever-changing accounting standards and increasing federal and state regulations.

Traci Hanson
Government Leader

Traci Hanson

Traci has spent her 20-year career helping various nonprofit, governmental, and commercial organizations by providing accounting assistance, audit services, and compliance audits. She appreciates assisting nonprofit and governmental organizations to provide valuable services to respective communities by helping the organizations meet regulatory requirements.