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Our combination of accounting, tax, trust, and estate planning expertise will put you, your family members, and your business in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

KT’s Estate and Gift Planning team will get to know you before coming up with a comprehensive plan to minimize tax burdens, maximize gifting, and help you live your life the way you choose.


When it comes to estate and gift planning, having a trusted resource committed to understanding your needs and motivations is imperative. Protecting your wealth for future generations is key to building your legacy. The right combination of accounting, tax, trust, and estate planning expertise will ensure we see the full picture of your life and help you live it to the fullest.

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Tax Return Preparation

Planning with Trusts

Philanthropic Planning

Generational Planning

Asset Preservation

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No matter where you are in your planning journey, our team is here to guide and assist you throughout every stage..

May Hlebechuk
Estate & Gift Planning Leader

Mary Hlebechuk

Mary is the Estate & Gift Planning team leader, a member of the agriculture team, and is the leader of the Affordable Care Act reporting team. She also works with many individual clients regarding preparation of returns and planning (tax planning and estate planning). Mary loves being involved with helping clients actively update their planning to adjust to the various obstacles they are facing.