With the passing of Thanksgiving, here in ushers my favorite time of year, except that I am buried in mile long to-do lists. December definitely tests my multi-tasking abilities but when December 31st is here I fondly look back at the memories that were made and tasks that were accomplished as if everything went off without a hitch. In a world that focuses more and more on perfection and a “do-it-all” attitude, that to-do list can seem daunting. How does one survive and what can help manage the chaos? I wanted to share some of my thoughts and hope that some of them will resonate and make this season even cheerier!

  1. Get outside. One can easily underestimate the effect of the crisp, cold air and sunshine. Going outdoors is not limited to weekends with your family searching for that elusive, perfect tree. Taking a walk during your lunch hour or anytime of the day helps to lift your spirits and gives you that moment to breathe.
  2. Set aside a few hours to list out everything that you need to accomplish before the year end. Include everything from family to work obligations. Then prioritize your list, making sure to note due dates. Review the list after you are finished and determine if everything that you have as low priority is necessary. We tend to follow what we did in the past, no matter if it makes sense or not. Also consider if the low priority tasks could be moved to a less hectic time of year.
  3. Look ahead. Identify one task that will in some way affect the upcoming year. Once completed, revel in being one step ahead in the new year.
  4. Celebrate. Celebrate this magical time of year by joining in! If you have never been involved in the office activities during December, try it this year. Spending time with co-workers and family will offer some renewal of the mind and will create a bonding experience that will last well into the new year.

Enjoy this time of year and I hope that when we are stepping foot into 2018 that the outlook on the brand new year is rosy and cheerful!