What picture enters your mind when you hear “Full Steam Ahead!”?  Is it a group of people racing toward a finish line?  Or maybe the noise of a steam engine powering a large piece of equipment?  After reading the book “Full Steam Ahead!” by Ken Blanchard and Jesse Lyn Stoner, this phrase now reminds me to grab onto my personal vision and use positive energy to forge past any “gremlins” that try to block me.

The book tells the story of a new employee who gets caught up in the creation of a vision for her company.  Along the way, she also realizes she needs a vision to guide her family values.  The concepts are introduced easily through the story line and allow the reader to see vision creation in action. 

So, what is a vision?  Think of it as the “why” behind what you do, a picture of the future, and a set of values that guide you along your journey.  A vision gives purpose to an ultimate big-picture legacy and allows you to drill down and create micro-steps (i.e. goals) that take you down the path of achievement. 

Creating my personal vision included analyzing my joys, dreams, values, and talents and truly allowing myself to picture how those intangibles could manifest into the life I want to live.  From my vision, I have been able to create goals in all areas of my life that help me live my legacy.

At Ketel Thorstenson, LLP, our vision is to inspire excellence in our people, clients and communities by living our core values – being excellent, innovative, friends, true, and different.  Using this vision to guide us, we can find the best answers to problems that arise and serve our staff and our clients at the highest possible level each and every day.

I challenge you to create your own vision – both personally and professionally.  As a coach once told me, once you know your destination, the path becomes clearer.  Take time to dream big and develop that vision.  And if you need a little help, grab “Full Steam Ahead!” for an easy read and a roadmap to start your journey.