Hey, High School Graduates!

Ready to take on college without the financial stress? The Dakota Corps Scholarship is your ticket to success!

The Dakota Corps Scholarship for students entering college in the coming year provides full tuition and generally applicable fees to selected qualified applicants seeking degrees that will set them up to work in a critical-need occupation following graduation.

To be eligible for the Dakota Corps Scholarship students must:

  • Have graduated from an accredited South Dakota high school with a GPA of 2.8 or greater on a 4.0 scale. Home schooled students will be allowed to provide supplemental information to qualify if the information for this requirement is not available.
  • Have 27 ACT Composite or Superscore or greater (or the SAT equivalent).
  • Agree in writing to stay in South Dakota and work in a critical need occupation after graduation for as many years as the scholarship was received plus one year.
  • Apply for the Dakota Corps Scholarship for a school period that begins within one year of high school graduation, or within one year of release from active duty of an active component of the armed forces.
  • Be an incoming freshman at a participating South Dakota college as an undergraduate student in a program that will prepare the student to work in a critical need occupation.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or national.

Current Critical Need Areas:

  • Teacher – K-12 (select areas)
  • Teacher – Secondary (select areas)
  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Engineering (select areas)
  • Information Technology
  • Registered Nurse

Don’t let financial barriers hold you back! Let the Dakota Corps Scholarship guide you toward a fulfilling career with a meaningful impact on your community. It’s your chance to make a difference while securing your future.