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New Senior Associates Named at Ketel Thorstenson, LLP

KT is pleased to announce the promotion of Stacey Laub to Senior Associate in the Accounting Services department, the promotions of Luke Bates, Kelsey Cropsey, and Erin Kremers to Senior Associate in the Audit department, and Kale Lytle, Angie McDonnell,…

August 3, 2023
| Chris Seljeskog

New Managers Named at Ketel Thorstenson, LLP

KT is pleased to announce the promotion of Linda Horsley to Manager in the Accounting Services department, and the promotions of Wes Hanson, Elijah Houchens, Jordan Jones, and Nick Michael to Manager in the Audit department. Linda Horsley has worked…

August 2, 2023
| Chris Seljeskog

IRS Tax Notices – Updates & Tips

The IRS recently announced that it would resume sending tax notices that were previously halted due to COVID-related processing backlogs. In addition to resuming the halted notices, the IRS has begun to send out 2022 balance due notices. Additionally, the IRS…

July 20, 2023
| Carrie Christensen

IRS Penalties & Interest

I often have clients ask things like, “What if I don’t pay my estimated tax payments,” “Can I make payments to the IRS on my bill,” or “I can’t pay my taxes now, can we extend?” My answer is usually…

June 20, 2023
| Jennifer Konvalin

Performance = DOA

Addressing employees who are not meeting your performance standards is a challenging feat. And unfortunately, no one has come up with a pill, magic wand, or corrective recourse. That means to be successful, you must learn how to effectively address…

June 20, 2023
| Steph McCoy

USDA Assistance for Ag Producers

The COVID-19 Pandemic affected everyone around the globe and hit our ranching and farming communities hard. These programs were put in place to help clients like ours who experienced revenue losses from 2020-2021. The goal is to better support our…

June 14, 2023
| Brian Watland