You spend a third of your adult life at work. Why not have some fun while you’re doing it? That’s the philosophy in an increasing number of workplaces, including Ketel Thorstenson LLP.

Inspired by the fun-loving fishmongers at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, motivational entreprepreneur John Christensen built a workplace philosophy called FISH — choose your attitude, play at work, make someone’s day and be there.

Play at work? How is that possible? Your reward for hard work is a paycheck at the end of the week, right? But the truth is that someone who has fun at work is more productive, provides better customer service and inspires coworkers to do a better job — and to have fun.

At Ketel Thorstenson we provide lunch and snacks to our staff during tax season, plan annual Halloween costume and pumpkin carving contests, host an employee golf outing and family picnic each summer, recognizing our staff for the hard work they do, and much more.

Check out the article from Amanda Dokter, Human Resource Manager at Ketel Thorstenson LLP.