Your controller just gave two weeks notice.  It will be impossible to get an advertisement out, hire someone, and orient them to your organization in this timeframe.  What will you do?

Your administrative team has been focused on a new program that is about to launch.  You completely forgot about the upcoming audit and you do not have the resources to prepare for it.  Your board of directors will not let you postpone.  How will you ever get through the audit without working a significant number of extra hours?

Your bookkeeper is about to go on medical leave, and you have nobody else on staff with the skill to prepare payroll and financial statements in her absence.  You might be able to find some help at a temporary agency, but the learning curve involved would be fairly steep. How will you keep the accounting side of the business on track?

Your last audit report was full of findings related to subsidiary schedules not reconciling, and many adjustments were made by the auditors.  How can you prevent this going forward?

You’re in luck!  The dedicated professionals at KT have the ability to work with your accounting team and fill in wherever needed. Whether it’s an emergency situation due to an employee resignation, or just the need for some extra help during a busy time, we can be available to keep your finances running smoothly.  Our team is skilled in accounting rules for virtually every industry, and we have a working knowledge of many of the most common software packages used.  Here’s a small list of what we can do for you:

  • Daily bookkeeping processes performed either onsite or remotely, to include accounts payable, payroll, bank deposits, billing, etc.
  • Account reconciliations
  • General journal entries
  • Assistance with financial reports needed for grant reporting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Preparation of board reports
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Audit preparation, to include preparing audit schedules, pulling documents requested by the auditors, and preparing financial statements with all required disclosures.

In addition, we can assist with interviewing potential bookkeeping candidates – our professionals can draft an advertisement, review resumes, conduct telephone screens, and assist with interviews.  Finally, we can be there to help train your new hire and make sure the transition is a smooth one!

Don’t let a lack of resources put your organization in a financial crisis – call us now to discuss how we can help!